About Inglis Multimedia

When it comes to your multimedia needs, Inglis Multimedia’s special brand of service represents the best of both worlds—a winning combination of high technology and “high touch” personal attention. We give companies like yours the ability to cater to the most desirable high-end clients who have come to expect that extra pizzazz in their presentations.

We offer total turnkey solutions as your all-inclusive resource for multimedia production. If you need it and don’t have it, we take care of it. We provide any or all multimedia services your company is missing. Inglis Multimedia specializes in the development, production and management of interactive multimedia tools and products. We have the experience to help you attract and land even the most demanding client. And we deliver the goods that will keep them coming back for more.

Whatever you require - from DVDs to CD-ROMs to cutting-edge Web sites - we can create an electronic or digital version of it. We design and deliver any form of informational, educational or entertaining multimedia. If it requires any combination of sound, music, voice, video, animation and print—it’s our specialty. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

“Scott's work ethic, teamwork, and his excellent communication skills facilitated the team's progress in many ways, and made him an asset to our team. On a personal level, Scott is a fun-loving and a funny person, and that too had a very positive impact on the team's happiness, and therefore, their productivity. I wish him luck in his future ventures.”
Pankaj Shah, Product Definition & Development Manager - Adobe

“Scott, we were impressed by your caring demeanor and your impressive technological savvy. Your assistance in completing our in-house DVD-ROM training sessions was invaluable. A million thanks for a job well done!”
Jim Fleming, Beacon Street Productions

“Not only was Scott the mastermind behind our new Flash-based website, but he was instrumental in coordinating all the various media that the site contains. We recommend him highly.”
Debbie Grattan, Voice-over Artist